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Looking for a no-nonsense smell proof solution to your storage needs? The Black Crown Service has you covered. Our BCS branded Smell proof stash box is more than your run-of-the-mill lock box or humidor. Designed with sustainability and quality in mind, the BCS branded stash box is crafted from the finest material and includes the following features: 

  • A beautifully crafted wooden lock box containing 4 divided storage areas on the base and an additional narrow storage compartment for the Black Crown Service branded rolling tray.

  • A locking latch with two keys

  • 2 smell proof glass jars

  • 2 smell proof "to go" tubes

  • A beautifully crafted rolling tray

  • A 65 mm grinder

The odorless travel storage case by FireDog is perfect for travel and everyday use. Its 8 inch x 4 inch x 2.7 inch design makes it large enough to fit your herbs, medications, and/or vaping products and accessories, yet small enough to carry by hand or fit neatly inside a larger bag or case. 



  • Carbon Lined - neutralizes odors inside through activated carbon particles 

  • Removable Inserts - makes orginization simple 

  • Combination Lock - added layer of security keeping your products secure

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