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Say goodbye to endless trips to your local smoke shop and hours spent browsing multiple websites for your favorite smoking necessities.  Our Stash Box with Rolling Papers includes:

  • 1 beautifully crafted lockable stash box
  • 30-day supply of your choice of rolling papers  (1 use per day)
  • 2 finely crafted smell-proof flower jars
  •  1 branded rolling tray
  • 2 smell-proof tubes
  •  1  64 mm smoke grinder
  • 1  7 oz. Cannabolish natural odor removing candle.

All delivered straight to you in the comfort of your home. 

Rolling Papers (Light Package)


    • 30-day supply of your choice rolling papers - supports 1 use per day
    • 1 handcrafted TBCS Rolling Tray
    • 2 handcrafted 50 ml smell proof jars
    • 2 child-resistant joint/blunt tubes
    • A  handcrafted lockable TBCS branded stash box 
    • 1 Cannabolish natural odor removing candle
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