The Best Service Bears a Black Crown...

The Black Crown Service provides the highest quality smoking products to enhance your leisure. Our superior service maintains discretion and you enjoy monthly replacements of your smoking supplies without ever going to a smoke shop to replenish. 

Our Services

The Black Crown Service provides discreet delivery of premium smoking products and accessories manufactured by the most popular and trusted brands in the industry. Patrons who enjoy our service can purchase an exclusive smell proof storage kit which includes a branded lockable stash box made from the finest materials; two smell-proof storage jars; an herb grinder; a 30-day supply of your choice of hemp wraps, papers, or cones; a rolling tray; two smell-proof tubes; and a candle designed to eliminate smoking odor. The Black Crown Service provides you with all of your storage needs and accessories to ensure your experience is exactly the way you want it.  Click on "shop now" for details about our storage kits and pricing. 

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